BA BSc Geography Paper A 2014

BA BSc Geography Paper A 2014 Sargodha University is given below. You can find other past papers in the Past Papers menu.

BA BSc Geography Paper A 2014

Geography A 2014 BA BSc Geography Paper A 2014

Paper Questions (in English)

  1. Write in detail about Koppen’s classification of climate.
  2. What is revolution of earth? Describe its effects.
  3. Describe composition and structure of Atmosphere.
  4. Name and describe the types of Planetary Winds.
  5. How the clouds form? Explain different types of clouds.
  6. Describe glacier and major types of glaciers.
  7. How igneous rocks form? Explain its different types and characteristics.
  8. Describe the erosional and depositional landforms made by a river.
  9. What are causes and effect of Ocean Currents?
  10. Write a note on any two of the following:-
    • Absolute and Relative Humidity
    • Valley or Alpine Glacier
    • Ocean Floor
    • Impact of Climate

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