BA BSc Geography Paper A 2015

BA BSc Geography Paper A 2015 Sargodha University is given below. You can find other past papers in the Past Papers menu.

BA BSc Geography Paper A 2015

Geography A 2015 BA BSc Geography Paper A 2015
BA BSc Geography Paper A 2015

Paper Questions (in English)

  1. Define rock. What are the metamorphic rocks? How are they formed? Name the important varieties of the metamorphic rocks.
  2. Define weathering process. Discuss chemical and mechanical weathering phenomenon in detail.
  3. What are earthquakes? Describe in detail the causes and effects of earthquakes.
  4. What is glacier? Describe landforms made by a valley glacier.
  5. Describe in detail the relief features made by wind action in deserts.
  6. Describe the principles ocean currents of the Atlantic Oceans. How far these ocean currents affect the climates of the surrounding areas?
  7. Discuss the causes of the ocean currents. Give examples from different oceans.
  8. Give a full account of the vertical distribution of temperature in the atmosphere.
  9. How does the rainfall? Describe the main types of rainfall, their characteristics and areas of occurrence.
  10. Define a climate region. Give a full account of the equatorial region.

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