BA BSc Geography Paper B 2014

BA BSc Geography Paper B 2014 Sargodha University is given below. You can find other past papers in the Past Papers menu.

BA BSc Geography Paper B 2014

BA BSc Geography Paper B 2014

Paper Questions (in English)

  1. What are the various elements of physical environment? Further what part does climate play in changing physics environment?
  2. Describe a comparison between the characteristics of rural and urban population and write a review of the flow of population to urban population.
  3. What is Christaller Theory of central place? Further give details of its transport system.
  4. Do you agree that undue interference in eco-system has increased our health problems?
  5. What are secondary economic activities? Further write important factors in establishing of any one of these activities.
  6. Write down the physical features of Pakistan and discuss its plateaus.
  7. Write down the causes of rains in winter and in summer in South Asia.
  8. Write an essay on the power resources of Pakistan.
  9. Write a detailed note on Cotton Textile Industry in South Asia and the distribution on this Industry in Pakistan.
  10. Write short notes on any two of the following:-
    • Rivers of Pakistan other than five rivers of the Indus
    • Nepal
    • Jute of Bangla Desh
    • Tea of Sri Lanka
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