Economics 2014 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc

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Economics 2014 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc

University of Sargodha – BA / B.Sc (1st Annual) 2014

Time Allowed: 3 HoursMaximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt five questions in all, selecting two questions from Part-I and three questions from Part-II

Economics 2014 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc


Question # 1:

Differentiate the following by giving examples from economics.

a) Endogenous and Exogenous Variables

b) Derivative and Partial Derivatives

Question # 2:

Given the following Macroeconomics model:

Y=C+Io+Go where C=40+10Y1/2, Io=20 and Go=15

a) Find equilibrium income level and equilibrium consumption level

b) Estimate APC and MPC at equilibrium income level

c) How does APC change as income level increases?

Question # 3:

The demand function and total cost function of firm are given below:

P=150-0.5q, C=100+3q=7q2

a) The quantity of output and price of the firm at which its profit is maximum. Also calculate its total profit.

b) If Govt grants a subsidy of Rs. 3/- per unit on production to firm. Find new equilibrium output and price and also new profit value.

Question # 4:

Determine the optimum (or least cost) factors combination of labour (L) and capital (K) when production function is Q=6LK subject to the constraint W.L+r.K=TC where W=5, r=10 and TC=180.

Economics 2014 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc


Question # 5:

State the important features of economic system of Islam. How does this system address the basic problems of the economy?

Question # 6:

A consumer always seeks maximization of satisfaction. How does he achieve this objective through indifference curves analysis?

Question # 7:

Derive the long-run supply curves of the industry under perfect competition.

Question # 8:

Discuss the marginal productivity theory of factors pricing and point out its drawbacks.

Question # 9:

Define oligopoly. Explain the Price Leadership Model of oligopoly.

Question # 10:

Write note on two of the following:

a) Difference between Monopoly and Monopsony with examples.

b) Income and Cross Elasticity of Demand

c) Ridge Lines

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