Economics 2015 SU Past Paper-B BA / B.Sc Easy Text

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Economics 2015 SU Past Paper-B

University of Sargodha – BA / B.Sc (1st Annual) 2015

Time Allowed: 3 HoursMaximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt five questions in all, selecting three questions from Part-I and two questions from Part-II


Question # 1:

Discuss the following Macroeconomics issues in detail:

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a) Unemployment

b) Inflation

Question # 2:

Explain the following major tools of classical economics:

a) Says’s Law of Market

b) Quantity Theory of Money

Question # 3:

Define aggregate demand and aggregate supply. How equilibrium level of national income is determined with the help of these forces?

Question # 4:

“A change in investment brings a multiple change in income”. Discuss the statement in the light of multiplier hypothesis.

Question # 5:

What is monetary policy. Discuss the uses of its various tools in different phases of trade cycle.

Question # 6:

Explain comparative cost theory of international trade.

Economics 2015 SU Past Paper-B
Economics 2015 SU Past Paper-B


Question # 7:

Define economic development and how it can be measured?

Question # 8:

Elaborate the role of agriculture sector in economic development of Pakistan over 60 years.

Question # 9:

What is structure of Pakistan Planning Commission as an organization? Discuss in detail.

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Question # 10:

What is the importance of capital formation in developing country and how it can be promoted?

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