Economics 2016 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc Easy Text

Economics 2016 SU Past Paper-A BA / B.Sc is as under. For further papers you can explore Past Papers.

Economics 2016 Past Paper-A

University of Sargodha – BA / B.Sc (1st Annual) 2016

Time Allowed: 3 HoursMaximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt five questions in all, selecting two questions from Part-I and three questions from Part-II


Question # 1:

Differentiate with the help of examples between:

a) Implicit function and inverse function

b) Single valued and multi valued function

Question # 2:

Given the following demand and supply equation:

Qd=60-3P, Qs=2P-16


a) Equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity

b) If govt imposes tax Rs. 3 per unit on the product, find new equilibrium price and quantity.

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Question # 3:

If average revenue and cost function of a firm are as follows:

P+0-5Q=22, C=1/3Q3-8.5Q2+50Q+90


a) The output level and price at which profit is maximum. Also find total profit.

b) If govt imposes an excise duty of Rs. 20/- per unit, find new output and price which maximize profit.

Question # 4:

Find the Maxima and Minima of the function. Also explain its graph.


Economics 2016 SU Past Paper-A
Economics 2016 SU Past Paper-A


Question # 5:

Islamic economic system is not a compromise between capitalism and socialism. Do you agree with this, give arguments in favor of your answer?

Question # 6:

What are indifference curves? Show that P.E=I.E+S.E

Question # 7:

Explain law of variable proportions with the help of table and diagram.

Question # 8:

Discuss why average cost and marginal cost curves of a firm are U shaped in the short run while they become flatter in the long run.

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Question # 9:

What is the difference between monopoly and monopolistic competition? How price and output are determined under monopolistic competition?

Question # 10:

Explain any two of the following:

a) Revealed Preference Theory

b) Ridge Lines

c) Iso Cost Curves

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