Electrostatics MCQs Physics Unit:13 FBISE

Here are the Physics 10th Class FBISE Unit:13 Electrostatics MCQs. You can practice these MCQs frequently to prepare your exams. Stay Connected.

Electrostatics MCQs


A positive electric charge

An object gains excess negative charge after being rubbed against another object, which is

Two uncharged objects A and B are rubbed against each other. When object B is placed near a negatively charged object C, the two objects repel each other. Which of these statements is true about object A?

When you rub a plastic rod against your hair several times and put it near some bits of paper, the pieces of papers are attracted towards it. What does this observation indicate?

According to Coulomb’s law, what happens to the attraction of two oppositely charged objects as their distance of separation increases?

The Coulomb’s law is valid for the charges which are

Five joules of work is needed to shift 10C of charge from one place to another. The potential difference between the places is

Two charged spheres are separated by 2mm. Which of the following would produce the greatest attractive force?

Electric field lines

Capacitance is defined as

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Electrostatics MCQs
Electrostatics MCQs

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