FBISE Reforms in Examination System (Tweet)

FBISE Reforms in Examination System

This post is about FBISE Reforms in the Examination System. On 29 Sep 2021, the Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Islamabad shared a post on their official Facebook Channel i.e, Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (@Federal.BISE.Official) that from now onwards, students shall not be restricted to one book rather they shall have the liberty to prepare from any book in consonance with the curriculum content.

FBISE Reforms in Examination System
FBISE Reforms in Examination System

FBISE Reforms in 9 Subjects

As per the above notification, in a first step, the above-said change is being made in nine major subjects of SSC (9th & 10th) and HSSC (1st year and 2nd year) as under:-

  1. English Compulsory
  2. Urdu Compulsory
  3. Islamiyat
  4. Pakistan Studies
  5. Biology
  6. Chemistry
  7. Physics
  8. Computer Science
  9. Mathematics

Annual Examinations 2022 & FBISE Reforms

It is highlighted that the annual examination of 2022 shall be held in accordance with the above-mentioned reforms.

Facebook Comments on FBISE REforms Post

A few important comments by Facebook users in reply to the above post are as under:-

  1. Qandeel Fazal. This was also implemented with our 2007-8 FSc batch. While the intent and purpose were very good, many of the students failed (mostly from rural areas, unfortunately) because of a lack of teacher training and guidance. Ultimately, the FBISE had to give grace marks in science subjects.
  2. Umer Ejaz. Great initiative but needs to be implemented in other boards as well to make it fair for everyone.
  3. Mohsin Umair. Excellent initiative…But the announcement of curriculum and detailed model papers should be at earliest…
  4. Hina Aziz. We really appreciate these reforms but these should be enforced once ur teaching staff is trained according to this level and libraries in schools r well equipped otherwise it would just be a burden for the student who has to cope up with it on his/her own. Unfortunately, the education department is doing nothing for it.
  5. Nousheen Akhtar. Should be applied to all the boards across the country otherwise, it will be discrimination with the students of the federal board are already appearing in exams that have higher standards as compared to the other boards
  6. Altaf Sharif Kotli. It is the best effort to face the challenges of modern world education systems. We were lacking such conceptual things. I suggest that books comprehensions and another exercise should be removed and advise students to prepare their own Questions and MCQs. This will help them to learn more.

These comments are valuable and the Federal Board must consider these suggestions especially the suggestion about the announcement of curriculum and model papers.

What do you think about these FBISE Reforms? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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