Kinematics MCQs Unit:2 FBISE Physics 9th Class

Kinematics MCQs (FBISE Physics Unit 2 MCQs) are here. You can practice these MCQs frequently to prepare your exams.

Kinematics MCQs (FBISE Physics Unit 2 MCQs)


A body has translatory motion if it moves along a

The motion of a body about an axis is called

Which of the following is a vector quantity?

If an object is moving with constant speed then its distance-time graph will be a straight line

A straight line parallel to time-axis on a distance-time graph tells that a object is

The speed-time graph of a car is shown in the figure, which of the following statement is true?

kinematics 1 Kinematics MCQs

By dividing displacement of a moving body with time, we obtain

A ball is thrown vertically upward. Its velocity at the highest point is

A change in position is called

A train is moving at a speed of 36 kmh-1. Its speed expressed in ms-1 is

A car starts from rest. It acquires a speed of 25 ms-1 after 20s. The distance moved by the car during this time is

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Kinematics MCQs (FBISE Physics Unit 2 MCQs)
Kinematics MCQs (FBISE Physics Unit 2 MCQs)

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